With nearly four decades of experience in catamaran manufacturing, Lagoon has consistently maintained its leading position in the industry, being recognized as the epitome and pioneer of catamaran concepts. Since 1984, Lagoon has produced 6,125 yachts, capturing a 37% market share in the global catamaran market. The company's product range has steadily expanded, offering boats ranging from 40 to 80 feet in length.

Lagoon's design philosophy prioritizes convenience, safety, and comfort, delivering fresh and boundless experiences for beach enthusiasts. Presently, Lagoon remains at the forefront of catamaran manufacturing worldwide, thanks to its exceptional team of engineers and designers, along with a wealth of accumulated expertise. The company is committed to constant evolution, consistently introducing innovative designs and incorporating cutting-edge technologies into its yachts. A Lagoon yacht represents more than just a vessel; it symbolizes freedom and generosity, as reflected in the company's motto, “WE CREATE FREEDOM - WE BRING FREEDOM”.

Lagoon is the world's most diverse brand with a total of 10 models belonging to two product branches: motor catamarans and sail catamarans. The sail arm has 8 models from 40 to 80 feet while the power arm includes 2 models from 65 to 80 feet.


Since its debut in 2017, Lagoon, in collaboration with the distributor Tam Son Yachting, has achieved remarkable success and emerged as the leading catamaran yacht brand in Vietnam, having brought a total of 5 yachts into the country by 2022. This lineup includes 3 sailboats (comprising the Lagoon 450F and 2 Lagoon 46 models) and 2 motor boats (consisting of the Lagoon 630 MY and the Lagoon Seventy 8).

Notably, the Lagoon Seventy 8 yacht presented here is the "flagship" vessel of the Lagoon catamaran fleet and represents the largest catamaran yacht currently available in Vietnam.

The introduction of Lagoon's flagship catamaran to the Vietnamese market signifies a significant advancement in the yacht industry. It reflects a growing readiness in the market for yacht models characterized by bold design and style, effectively showcasing the emerging lifestyle experiences associated with yachting culture.

Furthermore, harnessing the inherent characteristics of catamaran yachts, especially those that define Lagoon, holds the potential for further exploring and enhancing marine tourism in Vietnam. This, in turn, contributes to positioning Vietnam on the global cruise tourism map.


Bringing two decades of expertise in the real estate sector and a commitment to delivering sophisticated and top-tier experiences to customers, the Hung Thinh Group has introduced the Lagoon Seventy 8 super yacht to Vietnam. This exquisite vessel will operate in the "Peninsula City" within MerryLand Quy Nhon, a development located on the Hai Giang – Quy Nhon peninsula.

The presence of this impressive catamaran yacht, the largest of its kind in Vietnam, will herald the commencement of high-end international cruises and attract an elite global clientele to the Hai Giang - Quy Nhon peninsula. With a comprehensive set of amenities, including a water music square, an exceptionally long canal, an 18-hole golf course, and more, MerryLand Quy Nhon is poised to become a dynamic destination, appealing to both Vietnamese and global tourists.


The Lagoon SEVENTY 8, known as the "Flagship," has the largest engine in its category and holds the distinction of being the biggest catamaran yacht in Southeast Asia.

Crafted by renowned figures in naval architecture, including VPLP, Patrick Le Quément, and Nauta Design, the design of the Lagoon Seventy 8 emphasizes opulence and convenience. In essence, this 24-meter yacht exudes the elegance of a timeless machine, with enduring aesthetics and remarkably spacious interiors.


The Flybridge of the Lagoon Seventy 8 offers sweeping panoramic vistas, owing to its expansive size, lofty dome, and the inclusion of an electric sunroof. It features a stunning and incredibly relaxing sunbathing area at the front, a departure from the typical catamaran yacht design, which replaces traditional nets with wooden decks. The helm station is meticulously designed for ergonomic comfort and optimal panoramic views. On the starboard side of the deck, a dining table area is strategically placed to allow you to take in the vast surroundings.

The front section of the Lagoon Seventy 8 spans 30 square meters, serving as a genuine hub for entertainment activities, including a dance floor, performance stage, or even a "mini fashion show" platform. With its generous space and numerous spots for rest and entertainment, this catamaran epitomizes a luxurious, modern, and exquisitely sophisticated penthouse on water.


Once again, Nauta Design has brought a masterpiece of near-absolute perfection and extremely balanced... exquisite interior decoration, sophisticated choice of materials, modern furniture. Lagoon's main cabin is designed to be open with monolithic glass doors and windows providing unparalleled panoramic views combined with natural light to create a feeling of closeness to nature that Lagoon always focuses on.

Each cabin on this yacht comes with an oasis bed, a closet, a work desk, and its own private bathroom.

The standout and emblematic feature of the Lagoon Seventy 8 is undoubtedly its Master cabin, a completely distinct area, fully furnished with appliances, a private bathroom, and a polished granite finish.

An unmissable and particularly exceptional aspect of the Lagoon Seventy 8 is the Master cabin, complete with an elevated sunbathing deck that can be likened to a "mobile balcony" or terrace. This feature allows you to wake up in what feels like a penthouse and, with the touch of a button, step into your very own private oasis.


The overall length of Lagoon Seventy 8 is 23.80 meters, the hull is 11 meters allowed, additional amenities include: showroom, cinema room, meeting room, etc. Besides, with fuel capacity up to 8500 L for a 4000 mile travel route, this Catamran meets all the comforts and conveniences of a long trip.

As part of their commitment to sustainability, Nauta Design places a strong emphasis on utilizing eco-friendly materials and engines, and the Lagoon Seventy 8 exemplifies this approach. Equipped with the robust and renowned engine from either Volvo Penta or John Deere, this catamaran achieves speeds of 16 to 20 knots while delivering exceptional fuel efficiency.


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