Founded in late 2008, Monte Carlo Yachts is a pioneering company in the yachting world born from the intuition of combining the best of Made in Italy with the industrial know-how of Beneteau Group. “When we started we had an ambitious vision and a long road ahead of us. We wanted to redefine the meaning of luxury, which is first and foremost value. It was just the right time to put luxury back in tune with our most authentic needs: time, space, silence, well-being and harmony” says Carla Demaria, MCY President, who also added: “Monte Carlo Yachts is Italian but possesses an inherent international DNA and would not exists without the vision of Beneteau Group and Annette Beneteau Roux. We started from scratch during the longest and deepest global financial crisis of our sector and today we celebrate ten years of breakthrough innovation and keep on setting the bar even higher over the next ten years!”

Monte Carlo Yachts Shipyard

Over the course of a decade, Monte Carlo Yachts has developed a range of iconic models brought to life by the very effective partnership with Nuvolari Lenard design studio, creators of many outstanding megayachts cruising around the world. The first result of this successful partnership was the MCY 76 unveiled in Venice in 2010, whose unmistakable profile hit the global market, paving the way for a new collection of yachts recognized with multiple awards around the world. “Monte Carlo Yachts gave us carte blanche on the MCY range.” say Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, MCY Designers. “We shared a vision and wanted to create something not only elegant, but truly innovative and long lasting, a timeless classic. We wanted it to be a real boat owners could be proud of, even decades after purchasing it. If we look at the MCY range today, from the MCY 65 to the MCY 105, we believe we have succeeded.” Through passion and dedication, Monte Carlo Yachts confirmed the original business model based on two main drivers: consistent design and disruptive innovation. The result was a fast and solid growth, introducing seven new models in as many years, and building a globally respected brand. Recognized since the beginning as one of the company’s major strengths and a game-changer for the industry, the shipyard’s modular construction process and groundbreaking naval architecture allow the company to increase quality and reach comfort and reliability standards of absolute excellence.

MCY collection has been recognized with multiple awards around the world

“The world-class modular construction process and naval architecture introduced by Monte Carlo Yachts are inspired by Lean manufacturing concepts and represent a revolution in the industry.” says Fabrizio Iarrera, MCY Managing Director. “Further to characterize a unique technology, this solution has allowed us to pursue limitless possibilities for personalizing the end product and attain quality, comfort and technical reliability standards of absolute excellence.” The developing story of Monte Carlo Yachts as it enters its second decade of operations continues on the company website (, its Official Social Medias such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and in the framework of the most important International Boat Shows.

MCY 86 displayed at the Dubai International Boat Show



Genuinely Italian in its management, designers and artisanal skills Monte Carlo Yachts is the fastest growing Italian brand in the luxury motor yacht segment, supported by the industrial strengths of French Group Beneteau. It has developed and launched a range of award winning models that have been recognized internationally both for their iconic style and their performance. Production takes place in Italy inside the state-of-the-art yard at Monfalcone, close to Trieste: strategically located on an area of over 45.000 square meters, the waterfront with quays for around 40 berths and covering an area of 18.000 square meters, the shipyard boasts cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and a spray booth of over 60 meters and 175 tons travel lift for the latest generation of super yachts. The full MCY collection is designed by the world-famous Nuvolari Lenard design studio, which, together with Monte Carlo Yachts, has studied and introduced design features and materials extensively used previously only on mega yachts. The MCY collection currently includes the MCY 65, MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, MCY 86, MCY 96 and MCY 105.