Ocean on a DREAM

The 133-year-old success story of Beneteau is the story of a family and their legacy passed through generations, as well as their passion for the sea and dreamlike yachts that have sailed the open sea.

Over the last 133 years, a French family business has pursued a dream of the sea by making the seemingly impossible possible in the world of sailboats and motorboats. Founded as a sailing trawler workshop by Mr.Benjamin Beneteau in 1884, today Beneteau has grown into the second-largest boat manufacturer in the world and the number one sail manufacturer.

“We believe we are among the oldest family-run shipbuilding conglomerates in the world”, said Annette Roux, a thirdgeneration family member of the Beneteau company. Over 100 years ago, it was Benjamin Beneteau who was a pioneer in combining sails and engines, a much-needed idea in maritime transport. Continuing the tradition, the third generation of Beneteaus has rapidly seized new opportunities by venturing beyond demands of fishing vessels from customers.

Like other French brands that celebrate the heights of craftsmanship such as Hèrmes or Patek Philippe, Beneteau builds yachts that shape a lifestyle.
“We often say that we are not selling just a yacht, but also its experiences, its style and its sense of freedom,” said Carla Demeria, President of Monte Carlo Yachts of the Beneteau Group about its business philosophy. “On a boat, our yachters will feel like nothing in the world can affect them. Owning a yacht and plowing the waves, facing the sea and the sky, one can believe he can conquer it all.”
To enable yachters to garner marvelous experiences that suit their demands, hobbies and financial means, Beneteau offers a wide range of yachts such as Gran Turismo, Monte Carlo and Lagoon.

Gran Turismo – Sport cruiser

Established design duo Nuvolari and Lenard crafted the idea of Gran Turismo, a yacht that was inspired by Italian sportscars. Much more than just a sports yacht, however, Gran Turismo also treats its owners to unrivalled luxury with an ultra-spacious cockpit and generous sunbaths, while for a wonderful entry to nautical and aquatic experience, the vast swim platform 1.3-meter deep with motorization as an optional extra, can be lowered to just below the sea level.

Monte Carlo – Top of the World

Monte Carlo is quite recognizable for the logo and lines of a brand well ahead of its time in terms of style, advanced materials and amenities. An exceptionally spacious living room and sophisticated fixtures, furniture and design are all meant to create a class of luxury all its own.

Lagoon – Ultimate High-end Hotel on the Waves 

Lagoon was designed by the architects of VPLP in coordination with Nauta Designs. This combination proved a huge success in revising and optimizing the interior space in terms of both functionality and luxury. The Lagoon is equipped with a kitchen and a large living room featuring a dining table, two sofas and the bar that offers a
panoramic view to the entire sea and sky.

Whether you favor Gran Turismo, Monte Carlo or Lagoon, all the high-end yachts by Beneteau are proof that luxury takes root in extraordinary effort and long-standing traditions. Each one offers incredible experiences and dreams that can only be found on the sea.