Saxdor được tạo ra bởi Sakari Mattila - một nhà thiết kế du thuyền tài năng với 4 thương hiệu thuyền được thành lập thành công và được quốc tế trao giải: Axopar, XO-boat, Paragon và Aquador. 

Ý nghĩa tên thương hiệu Saxdor: S = Sakari, AX = AXopar, DOR = AquaDOR.

 Saxdor Yacht

Founded in 2020 out of the pencil of the internationally recognized boating industry veteran Sakari Mattila, Saxdor Yachts is the fastest-growing premium boat brand in Europe. Originating from a vision to create a boat fleet that has never existed before, Saxdor boats are built with using cutting-edge technologies and attention to safety. 

Saxdor’s headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland, but the heart of our production beats in Ełk, Poland. Saxdor Shipyard is located within the Suwalki Special Economic Zone and with more than 300 professionals it works towards making the Saxdor vision come true. Our investment in the new multi-million dollar production facility, which is due October 2022, will provide 300 additional jobs in the Masurian Lake District. The shipyard team possesses the expertise and experience to construct the highest-quality and most comfortable vessels, which have been awarded Best of Boat Award 2020, European Power Boat of the year 2021, and Motor Boat Award 2022, among other international awards. 

Saxdor has built an extensive network of experienced dealers, ensuring the brand’s presence on more than 40 markets on five continents.

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