Prioritizing an unwavering sense of absolute relaxation is the cornerstone of Beneteau Group's approach to production and business. The Swift Trawler line has etched its name in the company's prosperous journey, anchored by three critical criteria: Autonomy, Reliability, and Safety. Yet, catering to the needs of the most discerning sailors is a nuanced process that requires time and attention.

During the summer of 2020, Beneteau went all in and did a deep dive with an extensive survey, engaging both potential and seasoned Swift Trawler enthusiasts. The findings pointed to a shared desire for a more expansive, distant, and comfortable Swift Trawler experience. Out of this demand, the GRAND TRAWLER 62 was born, poised to redefine a game for those who want their offshore adventures to be a step above the rest.

The Grand Trawler 62 not only upholds these established standards but also exceeds the expectations of prospective owners seeking a more expansive, comfortable, practical, modern, and secure cruiser for extended sea journeys.

Embarking on an emotional journey with the Swift Trawler 47, the journalist couple covered over 1,500 nautical miles, embarking from the Northwest of the United States (Seattles) and concluding their voyage on the South Pacific coast (San Diego). Throughout this expedition, they stored countless unforgettable moments in their memories, showcasing the profound impact of traveling at sea. The continuous story featuring the Swift Trawler 47 emphasizes the genuine extent of its "far-reaching power," dismissing any idea of overstatement. This well-known yacht series, initially designed for long and solitary journeys far from the mainland, transforms into a versatile platform for all activities, a reality supported by the couple's firsthand experience.


The triumph of this cruiser is closely linked to a crucial change in the hull's surface structure when it meets the water. Unlike the semi-planing hull found in other Swift Trawler models, this nearly 19-meter-long Trawler features a complete displacement hull. According to MICAD, the esteemed naval architectural unit leading the design of the GRAND TRAWLER 62, this adjustment in the hull is strategically executed to maximize the surface area, facilitating a more immersive adoption of the leisurely offshore lifestyle.  A great decision made by MICAD markedly reduces resistance and friction, enhancing sailing speed and delivering a smoothly stable encounter when navigating calm or choppy seas.

Mr. Robert Chaffer, Product Marketing Manager for Beneteau's motorboat line, elucidated, "Belying the seemingly uncomplicated and elegant exterior lines, the underwater surface structure is remarkably intricate. The creation of the complete hull, as it stands today, demanded an exhaustive 300 hours of calculation and testing. Every meticulous effort is dedicated to shaping the masterpiece that is the Grand Trawler 62, ensuring not only outstanding performance but also an enhanced speed of 9 knots in comparison to other vessels of the same class."

Possessing a full-displacement hull in the Grand Trawler 62 allows to maximize the interior area and expand the living area.


A pair of MAN i6-730 horsepower engines with a maximum reserve capacity of 20 knots per hour, providing a durable and persistent thrust are equipped for the Grand Trawler 62. Worth mentioning, the full operating capacity is still maintained at the best level even in the "slow" movement range. Smooth operation, little vibration, proven performance in all different weather conditions. Now passengers on the Grand Trawler 62 can get ready for adventure and enjoyment on the water.

The MICAD chart shows that at 9 knots, the Grand Trawler 62's hull SAVES UP TO 30% FUEL and requires 35% LESS POWER CONSUMPTION compared to more than one copper-hulled vessel of its size and travel duration.


Highly appreciated for its design, functionality, practicality, modernity, and especially its lower price than other models in the same segment, GRAND TRAWLER 62 - the top expedition cruiser Beneteau Powerboat, stands out. Uncovering an entirely new market segment and propelling the company's future outlook holds the potential to craft exceptional and valuable journeys.

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